Poor quality of energy waste plastics already have mature technical conditions
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Inferior energy utilization of waste plastics recycling of resources is the main content. Energy utilization of low-grade plastic waste will be converted into oil, turning waste into treasure, recycling, truly a waste reduction, clean production processes and products are harmless recycling, both effective governance of waste plastic pollution , but also create huge economic and environmental benefits, it is an important starting point of ecological civilization construction in our province, but also benefits the country's green industry.

Energy utilization in order to solve the problem of urban plastic waste expand the channels. City every day a lot of plastic waste generated city, how to properly handle these waste plastics waste, urban management departments generally reflects the pressure is very large, there is a way to ultimately safe disposal of plastic waste urgent requirement. Promoting low-quality plastic waste energy utilization, achieve urban waste plastic waste recycling industrial development, market-oriented approach to solve this long-standing problem fundamentally, it is worth all parties to actively explore.

At present, some domestic enterprises have made breakthroughs in individual companies can achieve an exemplary production stage, new energy utilization means closing operation, the liquid medium, and large-scale continuous production, the oil is high, good quality oil, no waste water discharge waste and the strict exhaust gas treatment apparatus, the indicators can meet the state discharge standards, no secondary pollution on the surrounding environment.

Poor quality plastic waste energy utilization are still the bottleneck restricting

First, build the system lags behind technological progress, promote the application of new technology barriers. The current new energy utilization of waste plastics technology and "indigenous refinery" different in nature, belong to the state to encourage the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries. But in the country is strictly prohibited "indigenous refining" the guiding ideology, related systems tend to "across the board", such as in 2007 China issued the "recycling of waste plastics recycling and pollution control technology specification" provides "not to waste plastic as raw material refining "whether the country can deal with the new technology of waste plastics are also many concerns, leading to a new type of low-grade plastic waste energy projects is difficult to promote the use of slow progress.

Second, relevant departments have not yet established the technical appraisal system for new low-quality plastic waste energy technology, new technology leading to a lack of credibility. Identification of current energy waste plastics technology focused on oil, yet professional bodies on production safety, secondary pollution, efficiency and other issues for system testing. Socially inferior but also filled with a variety of waste plastics oil refining equipment, waste plastics to energy technology industry have had a great negative impact. Due to the lack of professional and industry standards to identify vacancies relevant technical departments, the new low-grade plastic waste energy utilization technology lack of credibility in the community, local government departments have also not easily more promotion and application of the technology. Third, fuzzy plastic waste energy utilization management, lack of industry standards and norms, the industrialization process blocked. Plastic waste energy utilization relates to development and reform, public letter to a number of departments, environmental protection, science and technology, business, etc., which requires all departments coordinated, also need to take the lead department of the advance. Because of the current centralized management is not clear, so that the energy utilization of waste plastics technology, construction and production and other aspects of safety management practices and the lack of standards, such as the industry access, one side is difficult to promote new technology and process applications, but it is the other side "Tufa refining" repeated, resulting in a lot of waste of resources, serious pollution to the surrounding environment; in construction management, because there is no standard, some new plastic waste energy utilization demonstration project under construction on the safety and environmental risks buried .

Fourth, the poor quality support plastic waste energy utilization of resources and recovery system is not perfect, low waste plastics recycling efficiency. Separation and recovery of waste plastics is inferior energy utilization as an important support. Since the province waste separation and recovery system is not sound, make the new low-quality plastic waste as energy technology promotion and application of greatly reduced.

Recommendations to achieve low-quality plastic waste of energy applications

Explore the establishment of a new low-quality plastic waste energy utilization technology and equipment research and development incentives. Treatment of waste plastics technology started late, the overall level of technology lags behind the needs of society. The next step should continue to encourage all parties to actively explore, in particular, to promote scientific research departments and enterprises to participate in, cooperate with each other to improve the oil yield and safe disposal as the goal, and constantly improve the existing conditions of technology, research applicability installations and equipment explore new energy utilization technology route. Industry and Information Committee should continue to be included in the list of innovative technology support and encouragement and give necessary policy support.

Construction industry norms and standards, a clear distinction between "indigenous refining" and new energy utilization methods. For new energy processing technology, Industry and Information Department as an industry-led management units should organize relevant departments and other experts stringent environmental and technical evaluation, the continued inclusion of "renewable resources, comprehensive utilization of advanced and applicable technologies catalog" through the demonstration of technology, and on this basis, the gradual formation of industry norms and standards for the protection of energy utilization of waste plastics industry to order, specialization, scale direction forward.

Piloting new low-quality plastic waste energy utilization. From a technical innovation, equipment research and development to market applications, in the middle need to be constantly testing and industrial process improvements. Recommended the promotion of local conditions and actively carry out pilot work in ensuring environmental safety norms operating premise, select the technology is relatively sound production pilot project to promote the use of new energy technologies to mature as soon as possible. Pilot project shall be new energy utilization technology content to production safety, pollution, poor waste plastics and high efficiency principle, it can start as polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other non-chlorine containing nitrogen start, priority Select the surrounding cities and plastic sheeting film using a large amount of plastic waste in the region to expand.
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