Global Plastic Packaging crazy expansion acidic milk beverage packaging is particularly evident
Release Date: 2018/11/24 13:33:31  Click Volume: 9579
Some market beverages, plastic bottles and other glass of water, some small businesses in order to save costs, the emergence of plastic bottles streamlined approach when it comes to the above, it is highly compressed plastic bottle production costs. In fact such an approach will be two issues. The first course is a plastic bottle grip is very bad, the experience is also very poor, so the user experience, regardless of the product itself how to do, will eventually affect the consumer experience.

To know the packaging itself and the packaging is not separated, but a whole. Second, any product now on the market are shaping the brand. Brand is inseparable from the packaging, after being excessively reduce costs, plastic bottles look very difficult to compete with other products in the plastic bottle packaging.

Therefore, manufacturers have to pay attention to the formation of the quality of the plastic bottle, a brand is like a person, is the appearance of the packaging, the inner core of the product is, until we know the personal appearance begun to acknowledge the inevitable first from him, when his appearance had he will continue to understand the contents of interest when, in turn, if his appearance is very dirty, so he wanted to continue to understand the inner man is certainly greatly reduced.

In other words, if you want to be able to effectively promote the product, it should not ignore the important role of plastic bottles of quality in product marketing.
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